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How Breadcrumbs can help you.

Our Services:

Breadcrumbs offers a complete range of archival and research consultation services. The following examples of work we perform may help you to decide whether we are the right organization to meet your needs. Please contact us directly to discuss your particular circumstances. Our initial consultation is free.

  1. Brokering services
    • Donation preparation
    • Donation brokering
    • Institution research
    • CCPERB cultural properties evaluation, forms and appraisal
    • Estate management, donation bequests, volume disposal
  2. Technical services
    • Professionally house your personal memorabilia: family photos, videos, movies, papers, artifacts and other keepsakes
    • Reformatting, media transfer recommendations and services
    • Digitization and digital standards
    • Photo-scanning and database management
    • Records management
    • FIPPA and legal compliance
    • Records scheduling and purging
  3. Research & Planning
    • Subject research
    • Specialized research expertise in media documentation, film, music, arts, municipal and regional history, literature, philosophy, bibliography, book history, genealogy, building and architecture, library science, cataloguing, academic studies, cultural studies, gender studies, sports, and biography
    • Site location research
    • Municipal history searches (Toronto and Ontario archival searches and documentation services)
    • Project design and problem solving
    • Multimedia identification
    • Expert handling services
    • Recommendations for information migration
    • Long term preservation strategy implementation
    • Patents and government documents research
  4. Writing & Archiving
    • Technical, historical and critical writing services
    • Editing and review
    • Finding aids and supplemental documentation
    • Preservation recommendations
    • Grant applications
    • Inventory listing and physical arrangement
    • Interviewing, oral history
    • Transcription
    • Summary reports
    • Archives methodology advice
    • Assistance with documentation and forms